Crustamar S.A.


To be leaders in the international market, recognized for the quality of our products, commitment to our customers, employees and the environment.


Our industry has being qualified by Instituto Nacional de Pesca (INP), with a 100% in safety and quality.

We have one of the most efficient industrial plants in our market, making us pioneers in our industry. Built with thermal panels and air conditioners to maintain proper temperatures within process areas, while also maintaining our quality of packaging and taking all necessary precautions to avoid any kind of contamination.


Crustamar has a daily freezing capacity of 180,000 pounds in their tunnels and 20,000 pounds in their IQF (individual quick freezing).

We have more than 350 employees. The personnel working in the company are respected in all their rights under the law. From their first day in the company, they are supplied with all instruments required for personal protection and given constant training.